France 2008 : Montpellier : Judge Course

Place : Montpellier - FRANCE
Date : 29th February, 1st & 2nd March
Organization : MUC Roller

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Inscription fees : 40 euros for 3 days course (Judges job is paid 100euros/day)

Where is it ?
adress : Muc Roller, Complexe Sportif Albert Batteux,
150 Rue François Joseph Gossec, 34070 Montpellier, France
mappy map link : check the map

How to come to Montpellier?
* by car : Motorway A9
* by Train : Montpellier Saint Roch railway station (Paris-Montpellier = 35 euros)
* by plane : Montpellier Méditerranée Frejorgue Airport + bus until the center of the city (AirFrance from Paris = 65 euros ; Ryanair from London 0.01 euro ; Ryanair from Francfort = 0.01 euro)
How to find the place ?
* From the railway station, take the tramway line2 until "Victoire2" stop. It is 500meters walk along "Route de Lattes" : check the map

Where to stay ? Hotels :
Hotel Formule1, near the motorway : 30 euros for the triple room
Hotel Ibis, near the railwaystation : 39euros for the double room
other Hotel Ibis, near the railwaystation : 39euros for the double room



The IFSA judge course 2008 is a great opportunity to become international judge, but also usefull to know more precisely about the rules, a great chance for coaches as well. IFSA needs judges, Athletes needs more judges. Many countries are lacking judges. So, just go for it !

It will goes on 2 days of training & exercices. 3rd day, students will pass the exam to get graduated. Why paying for this judge course ? To contribute to pay the instructors for sure, but also because you ll be paid for your judge job.

Further questions : use IFSA forums or contact Caroline by email