Freestyle Slalom Organisation

Competition Area =
Total size required is 40meters long * 8 meters large
3 lines of cones : 20cones slalom of 50cm + 20 cones slalom of 80cm + 14cones slalom of 120cm
Each line of slalom is separated by 2 meters.
The middle of each slalom is on the same axis, the judge are on this axe too.
Judge are at 3 meters from the 50cm slalom. The 80cm slalom is in between the 2 others.

Time =
30 minutes training
5 minutes competition per competitor + 10 minutes training every hour.
30 minutes of calculation
15 minutes of celebration
example : 30 competitors = 30+(30*5+20)+30+15 = 245minutes = 4hours 5minutes.
All the competitors will perform their first run, then a break of 10 minutes is provided, then the second runs will be performed.

Training Area =
The same area is required to enable the training for the competitors. This area has to be close to the competition area.

Equipment =
54 cones (+extra cones) : they need to have the same size. (Tape mesure and paint)
Chairs and tables required for 4 people.
A music system playing tapes and CDs, convenient for the whole competition area.
A chronometer system, average precision is enough.
A computer & a printer.
A podium.

Celebration =
At the end of the competition, when the ranking is known by the organisation, the top 3 competitors are celebrated : the 3rd is invited to come on the podium, then the 2nd, then the 1st
Prizes are required for the winners (cup, medals, diploma, prizes …)
Then the global ranking is communicated to all the competitors : printed and presented on a board and sent by email to the IFSA.