Organisation of a local event

For new countries/association aiming to organise sport events, who are can not host official international competitions, (few skatesr, local action, budget ...) they can set a local contest to developp their skating scene as a 1st step, and later join IFSA Championship & Cup. How to a local event on your own - with a very little budget : What do you need ?

* A competition area : competition area is up to the sports you organize : style slalom ? speed slalom ? high jump ? The common size is 42meters*8meters.

* A staff : 1 competition manager, a staff of some people to play the CD of music + do the administration (list of skaters + presentation of the results).

* Judges : IFSA suggest to invite official judges who know about how to run the event & know about how to rank the competitors, but in case it is not possible, for a local event with little budget, you can set volunteers scoring the style slalom performance around 2 keys (technique : is it difficult ? style&management : is it smooth & match the music?). For speed slalom & jump, local rules can be easy to set. Local rules must be explained to the competitors, they need to accept this settings : no official judges, but volunteer to run the event.

* A time table - a schedule : a precise time table is required, therefore an estimation of the competitors taking part has to be achieved. Respect of the time table is very important for the success of your event.

* Equipment : chronometer system - music system - table - chairs - jump board (for high jump only)

* Accomodations : toilets, foods&drinks for sale have to be on the event area or really near. First Help or infirmary.

How to do it ?

* Freestyle Slalom : Each competitors come 1 by 1 on the track to perform. 3 lines of slalom (20cones slalom of 50cm + 20 cones slalom of 80cm + 14cones slalom of 120cm), 1minute30s. The music starts, the competitor goes. Each skater has 2 attempts. The best score is taken into account.
Volunteer judges provide 2 marks : technique (difficult or easy tricks) + Style&Management (smooth or not, match the music or not). The score is the sum. The best score wins.

* Speed Slalom : line of 20cones (80cm). 2 attempt by skaters. best time is kept to organise a KO system ; 2 by 2 the skaters are going through the quater finale, half finale & finale. The faster goes next step, until the finale.

* Jump : The bar start low, skaters have 3 attempts, each time. If the bar is falling or the landing is not clean, they fail. Else they remain in the competition. Until the last one wins.