Global Organisation of a Freestyle Competition

A Freestyle competition required :

A staff : 1 competition manager, a staff of 3 people, and a DJ for the music : this people have to be available before the beggining of the competition until after the end of the competition.

An international judges staff : 4 people. IFSA does propose judges. The organisation has to take in charge their fees (judge fees + transport from their countries + accomodations fees).

Organisation Fees : due to the IFSA for the global Championship and Cup Organisation.

A competition area, a training area and a public area : competition area and training area are defined in "organisation style slalom", "organisation speed slalom, "organisation high jump". A special area for the public has to be reserved.

A time table - a schedule : a precise time table is required, therefore an estimation of the competitors taking part has to be achieved. Respect of the time table is very important for international competitions.
If the competition is outdoor, extra time is required, in case of rain, changes have to be possible in the schedule (morning - afternoon)

Equipment : chronometer system - music system - computer - printer - power supply - table - chairs - jump board - podium

Accomodations : toilets, foods&drinks for sale have to be on the event area or really near. First Help or infirmary. Hotel, camping have to be proposed on the website of the event.

Sponsor - Prizes : prizes have to be offered to the winners of the competition during the celebration. The organisation must finance the event. Sponsorship might be useful. Therefore, we higly recommand to begin the organisation 10 months before the event.

A media plan : The organisation has to promote the event : website, newspaper, televison, radio, bus, train ... the more the best.

Here is a sample of the agreement contract : load