Spain 2006

Place : Barcelona - SPAIN

Date : 25th 26th 27th August 2006
Qualification on Friday 25th & Finales on Saturday Sunday

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Organisation : Hello,
From the organisation of Rodats we are glad to present the Final of hte IFSA Championship and the competition of the IFSA Cup, the important events taking place in Terrassa (Barcelona) on 25th, 26th and 27th August 2006.
Terrassa is a charming, little city very well known all around Catalunya for its industrial past and its modernist architecture. It is only 28 Km from Barcelona and it is very easy to reach.

How to get to Terrassa :
- From the Barcelona airport. There are no direct trains from the airport to Terrassa. It is necessary to take a train from the airport and change at Barcelona Sants (this is the main railway station in Barcelona) and it takes about 20 minutes. Then you can take a train from Sants to Terrassa (45 minutes). There are trains departing every 20 minutes from the airport to BCN Sants, and every 15 minutes (aproximately) from Sants to Terrassa. (Attention! Timetables change on Saturdays and Sundays: Airport-Sants (every 20 minutes); Sants-Terrassa (every 30 minutes). For more information: (If you check the timetables you will see that, at the moment there are no direct trains from the airport to Sants, being necessary to change at El Prat de Llobregat. Don´t worry, it is due to the works of the high-speed train, AVE. The works finish in about three weeks. There won´t be any problem on August)

- From Barcelona center. If you want to go from Barcelona center to Terrassa there are two possibilities:
- Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat. From Plaza Catalunya (the entrance to the Ferrocarrils is at the beggining of Las Ramblas), trains every 15-20 minutes, and every 30 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays (45 minutes long). (click on "horaris")
- Renfe. From Plaza Catalunya (the entrances are on the upper corners of Plaza Catalunya - corner of Ronda St. Pere, and corner of Ronda Universitat-. Don´t confuse with the "metro"!), trains every 15-20 minutes, and every 30 minutes on Saturdays an Sundays (45 minutes long).
Attention! The Renfe trains arrive at Plaça Estació del Nord, 2; the Ferrocarrils arrive at Rambla Egara, 154. Here there is a map of the city

Accomodation :
There are two hotels and two hostels in Terrassa. The hotels are a little bit more expensive than the hostels (of course), but the prices are not exorbitant. You can check the prices and the availability here

If you can not find any room or you are not interested in the prices you can try to find a hotel in Sabadell (is the nearest city from Terrassa)

You can even book a hotel in Barcelona, as it does not take too much time to get to Terrassa. (try to book a hotel or hostel near from Sants, or near from Plaça Catalunya, in order to be near from the train station).
Youthhostel in Barcelona : here 23 euros