Belgium 2008

Place : Patinoire POSEIDON 4, Avenue des vaillants 1200 Bruxelles, Belgium
Date : 31st May - 1st June
Organization : Ganza Roller (
Website & Inscriptions :

Word from the organization :
GanzaRoller (Belgium) in association with Rodats (Spain), powered by The International Freestyle Skating Association (IFSA) in charge of setting international competitions of " Freestyle skating" decided that Belgium will hold his first international freestyle skating competition under the control of IFSA. This event which gathers the world best specialists suggests the following disciplines : Freestyle Slalom, Speed Slalom, Free Jump and Freestyle Disco show.
The Belgium organization (GanzaRoller) & his partners are proud to welcome competitors from all around the world in the Capital of Europ.

How to come ?
Métro : Line 1b Direction Stockel Stop at Tomberg.
Bruxelles by Thalys = 25 euros from Paris

Hotels : ( Center of Brussels ) ( Center of Brussels ) ( Brussels Center )

Results :

Schedule :

9h30 Inscriptions
10h00 Training SpeedSlalom - Women
10h30 TimeTrials - W
11h30 KO - W
13h00 Training FreestyleSlalom - Men
14h00 FreestyleSlalom - M
16h30 FreeJump - W&M

10h00 Training SpeedSlalom - M
10h30 TimeTrials - M
11h30 KO - M
13h30 Training FreestyleSlalom - W
14h00 FreestyleSlalom - W
16h30 Results

Judges Team :

Judge Manager - Spanish - Mr Flores Carlos

Judge from Netherlands - Carmen Plate

Judge from France - Luc Bourdin

Judge - Italy - graduated in Montpellier - Sergio Gallini


Check your trip from the Métro : Line 1b Direction Stockel Stop at Tomberg. 


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