Milano 2007 : Cup & Championship (qualifications+finales)

Place : Gessate, ITALY
Date : 31st August, 1st & 2nd September 2007

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Word of the organisation : Welcome!!
The Polisportiva Gessate is glad to present the Final of the IFSA Championship, that will be held in Gessate on August 31 and September 1-2, 2007.
We hope this event will give a great contribution to the development of freestyle in Italy and in the rest of the world. During the competition the best champions wil be on stage….Entertainment is guaranteed!
This competition will certainly represent an opportunity for aggregation between several nations, for cultural and sporting exchange and especially a moment where fine technical action, competitiveness and sports-spirit will be with the athletes during all the games.
We wish to all athlete companions a lot of relax and fun during the event. Looking forward to meeting you personally, we wish you a good training.

Bye Bye!!
Polisportiva Gessate



Schedule :
Friday 31 August
8:30 - inscription confirmation
9:30 - Opening ceremony
9:45 - qualifications with the following order:
· Speed female
· Speed male
· Free Jump female
· Free Jump male
· Freestyle slalom female
· Freestyle slalom male
21:30: couple rollerdance contest on a swimming pool (open)

Saturday 1 September
10:00 - final competition start
10:30 - Speed female finals
12:00 - Free Jump finals
15:00 - Speed male finals
17:00 - High Jump (open sport)
18:00 - Roller basket (open) (create your team!!!)

Sunday 2 September
9:45 - final competition start
10:00 - Freestyle male
14:30 - Freestyle female
17:00 - premiation, closing ceremony


- Just in the qualification day, due to the high number of partecipants, probably the qualification will be JUST Time Trials for speed slalom (no KO system) and/or JUST one run of style slalom. The
decision will be taken from the jury before the competition start.
- For the high jump competition (open sport) the ramp used will be CURVED, height 45 cm.